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Who We Are

DSC 9668 - LouiseLouise McCarron
Managing Director

Within a few years of the economic down turn in 2008, I was shocked to learn that 200 people in the UK Voluntary Sector were losing their jobs EVERY DAY and that 1 in 6 charities faced closure – due to the lack of funding while at the same time many funders were struggling to dispense all their funding!

“Not enough quality applications” one funder revealed. 

Too many small to medium sized charities didn’t have the knowledge, expertise or TIME to prepare successful grant applications and they certainly couldn’t afford to employ a Fundraiser.

The need and multiple benefits that grant funding brings to an organisation was reinforced through my own work with local voluntary groups and so in 2011, I set up Get2Grips with Grants using a model which ensured all organisations within the 3rd sector could access grant funding.   

Now having worked with over 200 charities, CICs and Voluntary Groups, I am humbled on a daily basis by the activities of our clients and proud & privileged to be part of their journey.

DSC 9588 - KarenKaren Kerr
Grants & Office Manager 

Joining Get2Grips with Grants Ltd has given me the opportunity to focus my experience and knowledge on securing short and long term running costs and capital funding for the 3rd sector.   I am delighted to be part of a team that provides the option to outsource this crucial element to maintain sustainability.

It is a pleasure to work with so many different types of charities & CICs to receive the funding that they need and deserve. No two days are ever the same!

DSC 9575Claire Paton
Grants & Finance Manager 

Working for Get2Grips with Grants I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to build positive relations with our clients from a very broad section of charities and social enterprises. 

All of our clients do amazing work for some of the most vulnerable people in our society, including young children, people with disabilities and the elderly - most often within the poorest communities in the country. By helping them to secure funds for their long term sustainability, we have helped many to rebuild and reinvigorate their communities, which continues to be immensely satisfying.