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Women in Enterprise Initiative – second group

Klin Group CEO confirms new sponsorship of businesswomen with Association of Ayrshire Business Women

The Association of Ayrshire Business Women (AABW) today announces further extension of the 'Women in Enterprise' initiative, launched in August 2013, by providing sponsorship for eight new female entrepreneurs.

Led by entrepreneur Marie Macklin, CEO of the Klin Group, the scheme commits to helping businesswomen develop their business networks and provides access to expert, practical advice and guidance.

In 2013, Marie funded membership of the AABW for six women and has acted as a sponsor, providing mentoring sessions and advice throughout the year. She will fund a further eight women this month, and aims to welcome 25 women in total in the first year of this successful initiative.

A diverse range of women has been selected for the scheme, with businesses ranging from a mortgage and financial services business to a designer home furnishings boutique. The women receiving sponsorship are:

  • Angela Fisk – Mortgage Services
  • Isabel McNicoll – The Business Timesaver Ltd
  • Louise McCarron – Get2Grips with Grants
  • Debbie Hay – The Dust Fairy
  • Fiona Ritchie – Houseshape
  • Carol Spier – Many Thanks Gift Shop
  • Amy O'Farrell – Amy's O'florals
  • Sandra Patterson – KidsBeeHappy

The 'Women in Enterprise' scheme is currently being piloted in Ayrshire. However, Marie hopes that the concept will be adopted by other established entrepreneurs and replicated across Scotland. She said:

"I am delighted to continue sponsorship of the Women in Enterprise initiative with the AABW and look forward to welcoming eight new entrepreneurs this month. The six women who joined the scheme last year are going from strength to strength and I know they appreciate the benefits of being involved. I am pleased to confirm that by August this year, I will have welcomed 25 women in total to the Women in Enterprise initiative. I strongly believe in nurturing talent and providing opportunities to help individuals, their businesses and ideas to flourish, and the 'Women in Enterprise' scheme provides the support network and advice to effectively encourage this."

Liz Cooper, President of the Ayrshire Association of Business Women, said: "The Ayrshire Association of Business Women is proud and delighted to be part of this pioneering initiative, and we warmly welcome the eight new Women in Enterprise participants to our group. Marie's vision and dedication to supporting fellow women entrepreneurs is reflected in AABW's own determination to support and encourage Ayrshire businesswomen and we are thrilled to see the initiative enter its second phase. Each and every member of AABW, be they long standing or new, greatly enriches our association and in this, our 20th year, we look forward to welcoming new and familiar faces to our varied programme of events."

The next intake of applications will start on Saturday 1 March 2014 closing Saturday 31 May 2014 with announcement Thursday 31 July 2014.

Apply now to:

Liz Cooper

President AABW

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entrepreneurial Spark Finalist 2013!


Entrepreneurial Spark Finalist 2013!

Get2Grips with Grants Ltd – nominated by eSpark for Business with most Traction

Get2Grip hhtsphoto

Believe Ladies Day

20140209 153932 resized

  • Liz Cooper (Chair of Ayrshire Assoc of Business Women)
  • Louise McCarron (Managing Director, Get2Grips with Grants Ltd),
  • Lyndsey Phillips (Board Member of Centrestage & MD Stimuli)
  • Alison C Tait (Robert Burns World Federation, AABW Members Sec & Break the Silence - Trustee)

Taken at Believe Ladies Day, Centrestage, Kilmarnock

Get2Grips with Grants - Progress

We're now 3 months into our time on Entrepreneurial Spark's Programme of Accelerated Growth. Looking back over the short time, we are incredibly proud of our progress, and excited at the prospect of where we are going.

A lot has happened for us here at Get2Grips with Grants over the last three months since joining Entrepreneurial Spark - Programme of Accelerated Growth. We have taken up residence at their West Coast 'Hatchery' here in Dundonald under the sponsorship of Sir Tom Hunter, RBS and each of the Ayrshire Councils. It is incredible how much the business has grown – and continuing to grow!

During the process we have made many new friends, thanks to events the Espark team put on for us. We have also had the pleasure of meeting some really inspirational people and took leaning from industry professionals who offer their knowledge to us through Espark's mentoring programme.

Our business has become a Private Limited Company – 'Get2Grips with Grants Ltd'. We've also extended our team to a strong four, welcoming our newest recruit Amber Beveridge a marketing graduate, as Get2Grips with Grants Sales and Marketing Assistant.
We are now looking after the funding needs of six new exciting clients, from throughout Scotland. And sourced and secured an additional £135,000 for our clients, with decisions pending on a further £177,000 worth of grant applications!
And all of this in only 3 months – Watch this space!